Booths & Pricing

Type Size (D x W) Price
Single Booth 8' x 8' $395 +GST ($414.75)
Double Booth 8' x 16' $592 +GST ($621.60)

Booths Include:

Booth dividers, electricity, and accessible water. Online ad in our Exhibitor Showcase.

Booths Do Not Include:

Table(s), chairs

Add-on Price
6' Table $10 + GST
8' Table $11 + GST
Folding Chair $2.50 + GST

For a list of exhibitor's currently booked please see our Exhibitor Showcase.

Tip: Hover over the booths to see information such as the exhibitor who booked it, price and dimensions.


The gymnasium has 64 booths. All booths are 8x8.