Dr. Christine Hatfield

https://btlsupport.com/mod/cms/file/play/data-id/434 Bladder leakage making life impossible? Dr. Christine Hatfield and her team invite you to experience Emsella! This transformative chair empowers you to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and reclaim your vitality. Stop by our booth to try it for yourself. We look forward to meeting you… We are a team of healthcare providers led by Dr. Christine Hatfield who specialize in bio-identical hormone replacement, medical aesthetics and intimate wellness solutions for women in mid life and beyond. Dr. Hatfield holds specialty training in gynecology, anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She has helped thousands of women achieve hormone balance, reverse incontinence, improve their sex life and minimize the external signs of aging using a combination of evidence based medical treatments and technology. She is an advanced cosmetic injector and offers anti-aging treatments including Botox, dermal fillers, PRP, microneedling and laser. Dr. Hatfield will be showcasing EmSella at the Vernon Wellness Fair. This revolutionary device is one of several treatments she offers to help women who suffer from involuntary urine loss (incontinence) whether from recent child birth, menopause or general aging. Stop by her booth to try the device for yourself. She and her team will be ready to discuss all aesthetic and medical treatments offered at her clinic located in the Sterling Centre, Vernon.

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