Jim Inverarity Emotion Code and Body Code Energy Healing

Good Life Energy Healing The Body Code Heals the World You're about to discover the most effective solutions for unlocking better health, wealth and relationships! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to... o Wake up feeling powerful and youthful? o Wake up with total clarity, passion and excitement about your life? o Wake up next to your soulmate every morning? Would you like me to share with you... o How you can experience more vitality? o How you can have more fun with your kids? o How you can enjoy better relationships? o How you can have prosperity flowing to you? EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF THE BODY CODE 2.0 The Emotion Code and The Body Code were developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of the Emotion Code. For more information visit the Healers Library http://bodycodehealingsystem.com Come by my booth (# 41) for a free 20 minute, no obligation SAMPLE session and see if The Emotion Code or The Body Code will work for you.

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