2024 Vernon Wellness Fair - April Exhibitors


1244056 BC Ltd DBA Qualicare Home Care

Qualicare home care service, would like booth 31, or 55
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Amani Travel Clinic Vernon

Embark on your next adventure with a peace of mind. Amani Travel clinic has you covered for your vac...
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Arise Chiropractic and Wellness

Chiropractic Healthcare
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Arise Physiotherapy

Come see how Arise Physiotherapy can help you move and feel better?
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Aurora Wellbeing Services

A holistic approach to wellness by creating balance for mind, body and soul using Reflexology, Reiki...
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Bamboo & Beyond

Wind chimes , aluminium & bamboo. Need 10x10 space. Not sure whst eould accomodate me. Please let me...
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Bamboo & Beyonf

Waiting to see if you can accommodate a 10x10 booth for a tent with no top. Please let me know & i ...
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BEMER uses patented elctromagnetic frequency to stimulate the small vessels of the circulatory syste...
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Biblical Natural Health Coaching

I am a Natural Health Practitioner offering Biblical Natural Health Coaching with the aim of assisti...
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Cananeas Boutique

LED Devices and Skincare
More about Cananeas Boutique

Cananeas Boutique

LED Devices and Skincare
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Chelsea's Mystic Lash Extension & Wellness

I sell a tons of things. I'm last and nail tech but i do my own bath salt, bomb and salve and jewe...
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Clio Naturally

Bio Clio Naturally provides Metabolic Balance Coaching. The Metabolic Balance program can help clie...
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Cosmic Rocks

This will be a collaboration between Cosmic Rocks and Debbi Lang, Comic Detective, who will be doing...
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DAB Skincare

Check out DAB Skincare for a wide selection of alternative skin care correction and pain management....
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DEEM Health + Fitness

Welcome to DEEM Health + Fitness, where we transform lives through a holistic approach to health. Ou...
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Dog-gone Orgone

Orgonite bowls and charms for pets
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Dr. Frank Health - PRP and Medical Botox

Dr. Elliot Frank is a dual board-certified family physician in Canada (CCFP) and USA (ABFM). He co...
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Eckankar is the path to spiritual freedom
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Eliminate Medi Spa

Experience the pinnacle of modern skincare and wellness technologies, to help eliminate the signs of...
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Energy Dynamics Unlimited

When Natasha Rosewood moved to Canada in 1983, she evolved from ex-flight attendant and palmist to ...
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Epicure is a BC based company that is all about helping people put healthy, delicious and nutritious...
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Equilibrium Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and counselling
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Expressions Of Time

Bookstore, Metaphysical, rocks and crystals, new/vintage jewelry etc
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Fellowship of Christian Farmers Canada (FCFC)

Offering free walking sticks and literature.
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Fireweed Wellness

Lotions and bath salts, indigenous owned company honouring natural ways.
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Glamazon Adornments & healing

Glamazon offers holistic spa healing services as well as mindfully made crystal adornments. Her tabl...
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Golden Light Spa Boutique Inc.

We are selling spa essentials: skin care, hand made soaps, skin devices.
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Gwen Miller Skincare

Organic skincare products
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Healing Tree Harmonics

Energized honey, Bee pollens, Bamboo Salt, Cleansing Teas, parasite and heavy metal cleanse, Tachyon...
More about Healing Tree Harmonics

Healing Tree Harmonics

Energized honey, bee pollens, Bamboo salt, Liver cleanse tea, heavy metal and parasite cleanse, Ta...
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Huatulco Remax

Selling condo's in Mexico.
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Interior Health - MyHealthPortal

MyHealthPortal is an online tool that provides patients with secure 24-7 access to their Interior ...
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Jai Dee wellness

Traditional Thai Massage
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Jewels Of Hope

Jewels of HOPE is a social purpose project born out of a passion to help women move forward from th...
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Kinetic Quest

Kinetic Quest offers movement exploration quests, in group (Awareness Through Movement®) and one-on-...
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Kintec Footwear and Orthotics

KEEPING PEOPLE ACTIVE, ON THEIR FEET, FOR LIFE Kintec is changing the way people think and feel a...
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LeafFilter Gutter Protection

LeafFilter Gutter Protection; promotional display booth. No sales will be made.
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Letty's Elixirs

I make a romatherapeutic jewellery, wands, brooms, wish kits, spirit terrariums, bookmarkers, fae cr...
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LifeWave phototherapy patches use your body's own light to stimulate acupuncture points. This result...
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Lotus Garden Healing Arts

Welcome to Lotus Garden Healing Arts. A sanctuary for your soul. A safe, playful and loving space to...
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Love & Light Earthware

At Love & Light Earthware, we specialize in creating handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry and functional ...
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Award winning, science backed health, beauty and lifestyle essentials.
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Moonstone Ferments

Sales and training for naturally fermented foods.
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My Chef

Organic weekly meal prep business. Gluten free, dairy free, seed oil free.
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Natural Farmworks

Natural Farmworks is a pioneering Canadian company nestled in the heart of British Columbia, renowne...
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New Hope For Living.Org

It's rather challenging to put into words what I do. What I can however say is that I am a channel ...
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Nightingale Medical Supplies

Nightingale Medical Supplies Ltd. is a pre- and post-surgical care clinic that has been providing me...
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NomadZz Boutique

Bohemian products
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Personal Care and Cleaning products without the harmful chemicals
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Okanagan Nation Transition Emergency House

Information table with brochures, pamphlets, business cards and swag giveaway. Informing the public ...
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Oxygen Yoga and Fitness Vernon

Vernon's newest yoga studio is set to open in the fall of 2024! We want to welcome locals into the O...
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Peachland Support Services

Free & Confidential Help & Support for Families and Individuals who are Impacted by Gambling. Conne...
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Pink Lotus Healing

Introducing Pink Lotus Healing, where healing meets harmony. As a Reiki master, teacher, and Indian ...
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Psychic and Akashic Readings with Alara

Readings with Alara - over 25 years experience. Lifepath Readings, using Tarot, Lenormand, Magic Di...
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Pyramid Power

Pyramid for sitting under for free while at the fair!
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Radiant Soul Wellness

I am a Reiki Master, Angel Energy Healer, Crystal Healer and Professional Crafter. I love to blend S...
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Rainbow/Joyce safe air

Our company has been around helping with indoor air quality since 1936.
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Royal green btq

We are a small local wellness business specialize with IR light frequency machines that has healin...
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Scentsy is a safe alternative to candles. Our warmers use low watt bulbs to warm our non-toxic wax t...
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Sparrow Studio

Local home based business. Handmade purses, totes, wallets and other accessories. Incorporating recy...
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Spirit Cafe

We do Free Spiritual Readings , Dream Interpretations , Destiny Words, or pray for you and ask the F...
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Star's Piggly Wigglys Sanctuary foundation

I am a registered charity cra #786490912RR0002 I make tumblers cups tea towels
More about Star's Piggly Wigglys Sanctuary foundation

Stella's Soul Crystals

I sell beautiful ethically sourced Crystals from all over the world and make my own jewelry
More about Stella's Soul Crystals

Steve Braun Coaching & Counselling

"Strength-based, solution focused, action-oriented therapy to regain control of your life. Specializ...
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Synergy 360 Inc.

Offering BEMER therapy, an energy-based wellness product. NOTE FOR CHRIS MADSON: This is my ex...
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From our global-best technology and commitment to putting customers first to our passion to drive so...
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The Porch Health & Wellness

Personal trainer and RMT Combo sessions, training programs and group classes to help middle aged w...
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Thuja Botanicals

We are wildcraft and intention farmers. We make hydrosols (steam distilled botanicals) for oral and ...
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TYJ Products Inc.

Our Brand is Oatally Awesome Gourmet Oatmeal. It is a well loved hearty super-food oatmeal packed w...
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Valley Chiropractic

Chiropractic health services
More about Valley Chiropractic

Vernon BC Chapter VCC

Vaccine Choice Canada is a federally registered not-for-profit society. We envision a world where...
More about Vernon BC Chapter VCC

Vernon's Zero Proof Bottle Shop

We are Vernon's only Zero Proof Bottle Shop. We carry a large selection of Alcohol Free products , ...
More about Vernon's Zero Proof Bottle Shop

voice of joopiter

voice of joopiter is a conduit for celestial wisdom and healing energies, channeling songs and messa...
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White Lioness Metaphysics

White Lioness Metaphysics is safe space for spiritual growth with a wide range of products fulfill a...
More about White Lioness Metaphysics

White Lioness Metaphysics

White Lioness Metaphysics is safe space for spiritual growth with a wide range of products fulfill a...
More about White Lioness Metaphysics

White Lioness Metaphysics

White Lioness Metaphysics is safe space for spiritual growth with a wide range of products fulfill a...
More about White Lioness Metaphysics