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Donna is a Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Clairaudient Empath, Angelic Channler, & Soul Coach. Gifted from birth with the ability to see auras, commune with angels, spirits, guides & guardians of & in other dimensions, as well three life changing & affirming near death experiences, she has spent the past 45 years in the of study & practice of spiritual modalities around the world. Many people spend a lifetime wondering what they came here to do. Donna knows! It is her joy & mission to demystify the world of Spirit & Energy, bring clarity & healing to clients seeking knowledge of themselves, and increase their connection to other dimensions. Soulfull Solutions Inc. offers detailed Auric imaging using ground breaking technology, which allows clients to see their own aura and chakras while experiencing an energetic chakra balancing treatment. A picture is with a thousand words, especially when it teaches clients the power of those words to affect their mental, physical, and energetic body and the health of those around them. Add on the spot energetic analysis & readings and you have an empowering experience to "know & grow" from. Also offered are readings from other modalities. Donna's clients come from all traditions, religions, occupations, and practices. She has been called the "Pyschic's Psychic." For further information pleas visit

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