Inner Immersion

Stop by the booth of Inner Immersion and meet Joe Hernandez, deeply intuitive reader, healer and artist. Experience true healing art and take a piece home to bring the peaceful, loving presence and healing energy to your own home or workspace. On January 6th, 2000, after an accident at work, Jose Hernandez had a near death experience in hospital, flat-lining for just over five minutes. Though previously a total skeptic, to his shock he discovered the most profoundly beautiful place, and experienced more life than life here. Almost four years later, on Nov 8th, 2003, the evening of his 50th birthday, coinciding with the Harmonic Concordance, he finally accepted his new path and he has been on that path ever since. “My goal is now to share, through the portal of my intuitive healing gifts and paintings, the love, peace and understanding that I experienced with the people that I am in contact with here, now.”

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