Neshama Om Holistic Healing

Join Perlah and Satish and their magical Tibetan & Crystal Bowls, Heart Gong, Crystal Pyramids, Sound Essences and other sound healing tools. It has been demonstrated that listening to sacred sound brings healing energy. Sound raises our vibrational field while instantly bringing clarity, harmony and balance to our living and work spaces and our physical, emotional and spiritual centres with intention Perlah Shulamis and Satish Shonek are travelling Sound, Energy & Crystal Alchemists creating magic with Singing bowls, sacred geometry and other sound / energetic tools to help individuals raise their vibration while embracing their shift to higher levels of consciousness. 💥🌀💥 They work with groups (Sound Bathing/ Guided Meditations / Ritual Foot Bathing) and Individuals (private & couples sessions), house and business blessings, Performances, Workshops & Seminars. They will also work with your pets - large and small animals including horses. Find them on Facebook and Instagram as Perlah Shulamis and Neshama Om Holistic Healing and also each month at the Holistic Market in Kelowna. You can reach them via FB message or at 778-475-2498 (landline).

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