inSpire Wellness Studio

inSpire Wellness Studio is dedicated to inspiring people to be healthy and happy... in body, mind & spirit. Owner, Teresa Krehel, brings her 20+ years of experience to offer sessions in Japanese Reiki, Reflexology, and teaches Japanese Jikiden Reiki classes. Traditional Japanese Reiki sessions offer an opportunity for relief from stress, of all kinds, and creates the space for a person's own natural healing abilities to thrive. Jikiden Reiki classes present the traditional Japanese Reiki healing system without any western influence. Teresa is a Shihan (teacher) with the Jikiden Reiki Institute of Kyoto, Japan, and teaches both Shoden (1st level) and Okuden (2nd level). Reflexology sessions on the feet and hands are profoundly relaxing and offer many benefits to all of the body's systems. Please stop by inSpire Wellness Studio's booth, in the Dogwood Gym, to say hello, enter the draw for a free one hour session and try a mini reiki or hand reflexology session. Look forward to seeing you soon!

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