Karma Rub Canada

Karma Rub is a Liquid Magnesium that is sourced from underground aquaducts located in Australia Karma Rub is 100% natural with multiple therapeutic benefits:  * Relieves muscle aches & pains * Relieves arthritis pain & inflammation * Relieves muscle tension, stress, cramps  * Aids sleep  * Restores magnesium levels * Restores trace mineral levels  In its raw form KR is highly concentrated with a high percentage of magnesium and many trace elements including zinc, iron, copper, potassium & calcium.     Why is Karma Rub better than magnesium tablets or powders? * You apply Karma Rub directly where it is needed most on your body - your back, your foot/feet, your neck, shoulders, knees, Hips....bascially all over! . * The skin absorbs 90% of magnesium and minerals when applied topically in comparison to the mere 30% your stomach can absorb when taken orally. KR is therefore more efficient. * There are no other man made chemicals in KR - unlike tablets and powders - therefore there are no nasty side effects. 100% natural. * KR's magnesium content is via Magnesium Chloride and magnesium sulphate. The form of magnesium that is not harmful to the body and the form that the body requires to function.   What can you expect from Karma Rub? Karma Rub is 100% organic, it is naturally vegan. The body readily absorbs the product through the skin within a couple of minutes. Smearing it directly onto the desired area may assist in all of the above whilst increasing your body's vital minerals - naturally.  If you have sensitive skin please test KR before rubbing it everywhere on the back of your hand 4 drops will cover it. What does Karma Rub do? KR is known to assist and help with:  * Relief of muscle cramps, restless legs * Sports injuries * Arm & leg pump  * Aches, pains and headaches * Stress, Mild Depression & Anxiety * Muscle and bone strength * Osteoporosis & rheumatism * Tendonitis * Skin disorders * Calcium spurs * Energy production * Maintenance of normal blood pressure in healthy individuals * Relief of premenstrual breast tenderness and mood changes * Relief of menstrual pain * Reg * Cardiovascular health   How is Karma Rub made? KR is not made - it is sourced from our farmland's underground aqueducts & is bottled as it comes to us! We add a drop of lemon myrtle oil to enhance the scent & user experience.    How to use * 4 drops of KR will cover a foot, the lower half of your back or both hands. Smear KR onto skin and let it soak in.  * Place a couple of tablespoons in a warm bath & soak your entire body for as long as desired.  * For body massage mix a teaspoon of KR with a tablespoon of body butter and massage till your hearts content. * Rub 4 drops on the soles of your feet & lower back 10 minutes before bed to assist with sleeping. * Use 2 drops to smear onto temples & necks to help relieve stress. * Although it has a bitter salt taste some clients have been known to use KR as a mouthwash for gum & or teeth issues. (KR is 100% natural organic & is not poisonous or toxic) * KR does not stain clothes; after 10 minutes you could wipe skin with damp cloth as KR can leave a fine layer of salt after it has been absorbed.  * Use KR as often as needed Karma Rub is stinging when applied, what can I do? If you have sensitive skin, are magnesium deficient, have an open wound or have just shaved then KR might sting a little bit because it’s a pure salt mineral. It will actually help clear bruising and wounds because of its pure magnesium content so don’t be alarmed. Just combine KR with your moisturiser or a natural oil such as coconut oil and massage it onto the skin. This is a great way to use KR daily whilst hydrating your skin.  

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