Tara Bradley Intuitive

Tara will do a personal and private tea leaf reading for you. She will read your tea leaves which provide keys to deciphering the messages coming from Source, whilst she ‘reads your soul’ so that the messages which are delivered are exactly YOURS. The tea leaves are full of symbolic messages that are received, interpreted, and translated through her energy, your energy, and Source energy. Tara’s clients are always amazed at the accuracy and relevancy of their readings, and how profoundly the messages get right to the heart of what they truly need. Those who receive a reading from Tara walk away with a strong sense of clarity, understanding, and personal empowerment. Regardless of how intuitive each of us are, we all have personal blocks. Sometimes we just aren’t as in tune as we would like to be. Often times, because we look at life through our own specific lenses and experience life with our own specific filters, we can benefit from the objective messages of a connected and in-tune "third party". Tara’s readings cut through the blocks and filters and open up the windows of clarity and understanding.

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