Twila Pattyon - Energy Modalities

After graduating high school my path took me to Australia where I graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree. My career supported me financially yet my passion came through helping other people see their truth. I learned human behavior through studies such as DISC, Color Energies, and Myers Briggs which brought me to the conclusion that conventional thinking doesn’t bring internal wisdom. My journey with Reiki began with an introduction from my Mom. Her Reiki sessions quieted my mind which helped me deal with stress and anxiety. Following this, a chance enlightening occurred at the library when a Reiki book fell off the shelf while I was looking for something to read while camping. The next day at camp my friend burned his hand while grabbing a coffee pot. Without thought I immediately applied the Reiki principles. In amazement to us both, he suffered no visible signs of injury. This I discovered was the miracle of Reiki. Energy modalities allow me to help you find a sense of calm and release things that no longer serve you so that you may find success in all areas of your life. My passion is sharing my gifts so that you can experience exponential growth and life as you desire it to be. Witnessing your transformation from your current reality to your desired outcome is what truly lights me up.

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