We make Italian sausages from scratch, from grinding the meat to putting every single label on the package, we do everything by hand, following my family’s recipes that have been handed down to me for more than four generations. Our sausages are made with only high quality and local ingredients, starting from the meat. We use only local pork meat from BC, which does not contain any hormones or antibiotics. We also do not add any preservatives, fillers, GMO, MSG and all of our products are also Gluten and Lactose free as well. The main ingredients, beside local meat, are: sea salt, best quality spices and herbs that blend into a tasteful, healthy and authentic product. We do not use water in our sausages, but only wine, in some of them, from the Okanagan Valley. Everything is blended, mixed, cased, tied and packaged by hand with out the use on any machines, apart from the meat grinder. We offer 10 different flavours of sausages so that our clientele can find the perfect match to their palate!

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