Jewels Of Hope

Jewels of HOPE, a start-up social purpose company for HOPE Outreach, which has been operating as a non-profit and registered charity in the Okanagan for eight years. Their mission and work is to support and resource marginalized and exploited women to realizing their own dreams of a safe and healthy life. We will come together with them at shelters or at central locations offering the opportunity to learn a new skill, such as making bracelets, and return full dignity and value to them by giving our women a gift certificate in exchange for the work of their hands. Our women are economically deprived, often unable to access sufficient financial support. The Jewels of HOPE project will help provide them with these gift certificate honoraria to purchase some of the essentials that they need and/or a form of value that is deemed meaningful to them. Providing these women with a community and a means to support themselves economically will empower them and help them redefine what is possible for themselves.

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