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Donna is an Intuitive Life & Soul Transition Coach, Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Empath, Angelic, Auric & Chakra Intuitive , and Best Selling Author Born nearly blind, surviving polio, cancer, 3 near death experiences ,failed relationships, bankruptcy, multiple career and home transitions, plus travelling the world, ably equipped her with a PHD in life and what she describes as a human BEING YOYO to God. She has studied spiritual & healing modalities and practices for over 4 decades, emboding the highest degree of awareness, and is attuned to vibration healing, via Reiki, Chakra and Auric resonance. By combining life coaching, psychic & healing abilities, scientific aura imaging, and more, she empowers her clients to pivot powerfully through any transition or challenge, creating soul “full” solutions, to reach their highest levels of personal awareness, with Balance, Clarity and Coherence.

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