Laynah Lafond- Medical Herbalist

Intuitive Medical Herbalist, Peruvian Medicine Maestra, Laynah is gifted in readying the human vibration to find your plant allies. Your plant allies realign you to your soul for your human journey. She is an alternative practitioner and she has been on a spiritual path ever since her early teen years. Her studies range from Reiki, therapeutic touch, Intuitive Medical Herbalist, 5 elements acupressure, TCM acupuncture, Maestra de Medicina, Clarity Breathworkâ„¢ and more. She connects with worlds that are invisible to the naked human eyes and listen to higher guidance for the highest best. Laynah facilitates your reconnection to your own inner shaman. Many of her friends are from the plant kingdom and she often get dreams about formulating herbal remedies specific to individual imbalances which works magically and miraculously. She is well aware of pain and suffering in herself and others. Her heart is full of love and light and in service to the Divine for the highest best of those looking for their own light. Her heart opens a matrix where love can be brought into the field of the physical form with guided wisdom that brings awareness in the experience, what she calls the gems of the earthly classrooms. She is a magician of different worlds, dimensions and level of awareness. There are realms of invisible energy bodies that offers powerful healing once these are brought into alignment with your soul purpose. "Love is the greatest healer and medicine of all times. Faith of a world where we all can live in peace and harmony is my greatest attribute and wishes for everyone. My cup is always full of love and light." Laynah

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