NeuroChangesolutions Consultant , Teaching Change Your Mind...Create New Results / The Body Heals

This professional development training, Change Your Mind...Create New Results teaches 2 models and 4 tools in an easy to understand way. I'll teach people how to change, how to overcome the challenges in their life, in the workplace and bring this into every area of your life. We'll learn the science and biology of change and why change is so hard. Some of the things you'll learn are how to mange stress, how to manage their emotional reactions, and what we call emotional intelligence. The results and side effects are a healthier individual which leads to more creativity, greater innovation and more productivity in all areas of your life. I'll even bring in meditation and instruct people about the science of brainwaves and what happens in your brain when you move into a state of coherence . Sustained change leads to greater results in every area of our lives.

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