Biblical Natural Health Coaching

I am a Natural Health Practitioner offering Biblical Natural Health Coaching with the aim of assisting you in maintaining or regaining your health naturally, in a God-honouring way, using wholefood as medicine that might be growing right outside your front door. Don't worry, I won't make you go vegan. At my booth, you'll find my monthly natural health retainer, my brochure detailing my natural health services, a restored steamer trunk-turned apothecary trunk where my assistant from Ashtree Wildcrafting can put a custom tea blend together for you on the spot, based on the conditions you and I discuss that you are wanting to address. Infusions are one way to grab the benefits of whole foods, and teas are a great example of that. You'll also find Prickly Lettuce Infused Vinegar that harnesses the analgesic nature of the plant for internal and external use. I look forward to meeting you and discussing how whole food as medicine may be just what you need.

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