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White Lioness Metaphysics is safe space for spiritual growth with a wide range of products fulfill all your spiritual needs, Psychic Readers & Energy Healers, Classes & Workshops, and Spiritual Life Coaches! Products The biggest selection of Tarot and Oracle in North America with Featured Ciro Marchetti excusive decks and products. Wide crystal selection, huge sterling silver jewelry variety, healing & energy clearing products, local art, statuary, witchcraft supplies, and so much more! Services Reiki Masters, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Chakra & Crystal work, Coaches, Numerologist, Tarot & Oracle Readers, Psychics, Feng Shui Specialists Classes & Workshops Reiki, Tarot Reading, Witchcraft, Numerology, Meditations, Sound Baths, Crystals, Spellwork, Vision Boards, Pagan Ceremonies, Self-Improvement, etc...

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Come visit White Lioness Metaphysics at the 2024 Vernon Wellness Fair, April 13 - 14, 2024 at the Vernon Recreation Centre.

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