Natural Farmworks

Natural Farmworks is a pioneering Canadian company nestled in the heart of British Columbia, renowned for its unique approach to tea production. As the first in Canada to transform locally grown greens into a variety of teas, we proudly offer green, oolong, and black tea varieties, all processed on our own farm. Our commitment to a farm-to-cup experience ensures the freshest and most authentic flavors, drawing upon Traditional Chinese Tea processing methods. This not only preserves the natural essence of the teas but also highlights our dedication to maintaining the integrity and purity of our products. At Natural Farmworks, we are passionate about offering our customers not just a cup of tea, but a wholesome experience brimming with health benefits. Each sip is infused with the essence of British Columbia, allowing our customers to taste the local charm and authenticity in every cup. Our teas are backed by detailed nutritional analysis, affirming our commitment to natural, healthy products. We're more than just a tea company; we're a community of health-conscious individuals who appreciate the art of fine tea and the bounty of our Canadian roots.

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