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Kinetic Quest offers movement exploration quests, in group (Awareness Through Movement®) and one-on-one (Functional Integration®) Awareness Through Movement® quests are individual adventures, conducted in a group. The students are guided by the verbal instructions of a certified teacher to make slow, gentle movements while paying close attention to specific parts of their body and their breathing. By paying attention to our bodies and our breath, and noticing how certain parts move more easily than others, what works and what doesn't seem to work, we increase our awareness of our own habits. Once we are aware of our movement and breathing habits, we can decide if they are helping us or causing us tension or pain. If they aren't helping, we can actively choose to use the new ways of moving and breathing we learn in the Awareness Through Movement® Quests. Functional integration is the hands-on, one-on-one aspect of the Feldenkrais® method in which the understanding and knowledge of the practitioner is used to benefit the student or client through the discovery of new movement patterns. As a Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® Practitioner, we are trained in functional movement patterns through the study of formative movements. We know many ways of executing these different movements, and have refined the sensitivity to assist a learner in discovering these patterns using touch, and guided attention. At the Health and Wellness fair, we will have resources to peruse, and will offer 3 scheduled Functional Integration demonstrations, narrated as the lesson is performed, so that the public can see how the process works. In between these scheduled demonstrations, members of the public can sign up for free trial functional integration experiences. We will also be advertising a free taster event that will occur on April 27th at Knox Presbytarian Church, from 11AM to 3 PM. That taster event will include 2 free Awareness Through Movement lessons and another Functional Integration demo. We hope that many at this fair would be interested in attending that taster event as well.

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Come visit Kinetic Quest at the 2024 Vernon Wellness Fair, April 13 - 14, 2024 at the Vernon Recreation Centre.

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